Temple History

Centuries ago a group of people mainly consisting of spice merchants migrated from Chidambaram of Tamilnadu and settled in eastern parts of Palakkad (one of the place is Kuthanur padinjarethara).They belonged to the MANNADIAR COMMUNITY. Shankaran mannadiar was a turmeric merchant who belonged to the chokkathu tharavadu. He mainly concentrated on his business at Kozhikode area. Once, after his day's work he attended the oottulsavam(festival) in the nearby melur village. As a result of his immense devotion, he wished that if his village was blessed with the presence of the diety ,then he along with the villagers would also perform the festival. On his way back, he kept the turmeric basket in front of the house. After bath, when he tried to take the basket, he was amazed to notice that ,he was unable to lift it and his body started to shiver like a 'velichapadu'(preceptor). Later an astrologer predicted that , (as he wished ) Lord Thalachilavan (kirathamoorthy) has Himself come down from Kozhikode along with him to bless him and his villagers . Since then lord Thalachilavan was consecrated here and the rituals have been performed. Folks started to flow in when the news spread. The devotees were blessed by Chokath Shankaran mannadiar after performing the 'velichapad' ritual. It is believed that the blessings relieved the devotees from all the sorrows and pains.

This came to the knowledge of the king of Palakkad ,Raja Shekari Varma. It is believed that the king who did not have a child went to the Chokath family and offered prayers. He received the blessings of Chokath Shankaran mannadiar and Lord Melur Thalachilavan . His prayers were hard and the Queen got conceived. Being blessed the king decided to consecrate the deity of Lord Thalachilavan(Kirathamoorthy) in the place below the Bhagavathy temple in the padinjarethara of Kuthanur, so that all the people are blessed and relieved from their pain. He also gave paddy fields that yield 5000 para for the temple use. It is being believed that devotees who prayed for a child will be blessed with a son itself.